Big Truth:

God Created Family

Genesis 1:27-28; Matthew 19:6; Romans 8:12-17; Galatians 4:4-7; Ephesians 5:31-32

Bible Verse:

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God, and so we are.

1 John 3:1

Big Ideas:

  • Family is God’s idea and design.
  • The Father has created a special family.
  • The Father loves His children when they did not deserve it.
  • The Father invites us to be a part of His special family.

Bible Story:

Genesis 15:1-6

God chose Abram to be the patriarch, or head of the special family He was going to create. In this narrative God’s covenant or special promise to Abram is that Abram’s descendants will be more numerous than even the stars in the sky. These people would be God’s children, His family.


God Is Father – God Gives A Family

God is our heavenly Father. The Bible teaches that God is three in one. He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As Father, God rules over all things, is greater than all things, and loves sinful people by sending His one and only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross in our place. God becomes the Father of those who place their faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that God is the perfect Father who loving adopts us into His family through faith in His Son. Because God is Father we can become a part of a new family that will last forever.

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Every child should know that:

  • God is three in one
  • God is the perfect Father

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Every child should be able to:

  • Pray to the Father in the name of Jesus

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Every child should feel:

  • Loved by the family at home and church

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Every child should want:

  • To trust the perfect Father who loves His children